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YOUnique  Bio - who  and  what  is  YOUnique  FITNESS ? 


YOUnique FITNESS is a private training studio that is now celebrating it's 15th year of private personal one-on-one fitness training.  At YOUnique Fitness experience THE ULTIMATE IN SOCIAL DISTANCE  private fitness training.  Three Thousand Square feet of fitness training space just for YOU and only YOU.


It is owned and operated by Ben Cinelli.

  • Ben is a graduate of Lake Superior State University with a Bachelor of Science and Arts Degree in Sport and Recreation Management

  • he has been serving the fitness interests of people with over 35 years of experience

  • one of the first personal trainers to provide fitness training in the Sault Ste. Marie area

  • a passionate and dedicated teacher of health and fitness

  • he takes the time to understand the personal needs of each client

  • he has a natural ability to put people at ease and has created a relaxed workout environment


His experience as a trainer comes from the many athletes he has trained - hockey, powerlifitng, soccer, basketball, football, bodybuilding, swimming to name a few.  And all those who required general fitness and conditioning programs


Providing guided fitness consultation and training for those who are disciplined and inspired to better themselves in a healthier lifestyle.


YOUnique FITNESS was established to fill a void and a need for personal training where the complete focus is on one client only with no outside influences or distractions.  


The information and core values Ben teaches will help you create a well-balanced life.  At YOUnique FITNESS there is a NO-NONSENSE, PRACTICAL and COMMON SENSE approach to health and fitness with no gimmicks, no false expectations. 


In his own YOUnique way Ben with his enthusiasm for health, fitness and nutrition will open you up to new possibilities so that YOU can transform YOURSELF into a better YOU. 


A winner never quits and quitter never wins






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