YOUnique FITNESS also Specializes in Sports Specific Training. 


No matter what your athletic sport interest is, YOUnique FITNESS can tailor a training program to suit your specific needs and maximize your hidden potential as a great athlete.


Train in a private setting, with no outside influences, no outside distractions, with the focus being only on YOU. This is the champions training secret.


It takes a lot to compete in any athletic endeavor and you will need to make  some personal choices:

  • you need the time to hone your skills

  • the time to put together the right nutritional plan

  • the right amount of rest and sleep pattern

  • and the perseverance to overcome unforeseen adversities


What are some of the things you will need to become a great athlete?

  • that SPARK that ignites the desire to challenge yourself

  • to want to EXCEL at your sport

  • to learn FOCUS and keep your eye on the prize

  • to COMMIT yourself to excellence, not perfection

  • to want to TASTE the sweetness of victory

  • the WILL to win when things get tough

  • above all PASSION


YOUniqe FITNESS will be with you every step of the way but only YOU can make it happen through your own PERSONAL INITIATIVE.





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